Bravo, Kindergartners!

In their first dramatic performance on stage at Bement, the Class of 2026 wowed the audience of lower schoolers and parents with their original performance of The Mitten. Each kindergartner contributed his or her own unique character to the story. In Jan Brett’s version, the mitten expands to contain many different woodland creatures. In Mrs. Robertson’s version, the mitten was knit by Obi-wan Kenobi for his granddaughter Clara from The Nutcracker, and it expands to include Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, David Bowie, Queen Elsa, Princess Ayla, Darth Vader, a rabbit, and a young girl!

One of the best parts of the show for me was seeing how many different members of our Bement community congratulated the kindergartners on their performance. All day long, from recess to lunch to dismissal, older students sought out their kindergarten friends to tell them how much they enjoyed the show, ask questions, and talk about the performance. What a special way to start the week!

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